Add mark as seen buttons
to your favorite websites.

Markers is a Google Chrome extension that adds mark as seen buttons to a few popular websites.

How does it work?

Once you install the Markers Google Chrome extension on your desktop, a new mark as seen button will be added to the items currently covered.

Every time you mark an item as seen, we'll change its visual appearance and store this information on a secure cloud. This way you can always access your marked links across all your computers and if anything ever happens to your current computer, your data remains safe.

Concerned about privacy? We are too!

Does this work on mobile as well?

No. Unfortunately Google Chrome only supports extensions on Desktop devices.

Why is this extension not free?

Markers is a really small utility built to add slight enhancements to your web experience.

Even though there are many similar tools and extensions available on the market for free, we chose to make Markers a paid extension; so that its sustenance relies on YOU as its user, and not on desperate and sleazy techniques behind the curtains.

Is there a free trial though?

Absolutely. You can try the extension for 30 days for free; no credit card required.

If you need a little more time than that before you commit to any payments, just let us know.

Desktop Chrome extension
100 links
$0.50 / month
Desktop Chrome extension
Unlimited links
Subscribe No card required.

Supported Markers

The Markers extension for Google Chrome currently adds Mark As Seen buttons to the items below.

Videos on Youtube
Videos on TED
Indie Hackers
Products on Indie Hackers
Episodes on Netflix
Coming Soon
Posts on Facebook
Coming Soon

Keen to add Markers to another website? Let us know.